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Origin Story of Dynamis Naturals

Shantanice Vaxter had a good job with the federal government. An education, a good head on her shoulders, and a family to care for. It never occurred to her to think outside the box for health and healing because she wasn’t aware of anything to heal. That is, until she was injured on duty as a federal law enforcement officer, turning her life upside down. After multiple surgeries and years of therapy – all while popping acetaminophen and ibuprofen just to manage her pain – the world of western medicine could no longer serve Shantanice Vaxter. “You’re now at risk for liver damage.” The doctor told her. And just like that, she was on her own, left to her own devices, adrift in a world entirely foreign to her.

It was then that Shantanice was introduced to the world of herbal medicine.

Grateful for her sharp mind and curious nature, Shantanice began the arduous journey of research and trial and error, using herself as a guinea pig. From CBDs for pain to herbal remedies for her changing menstrual cycle, she reached out to friends and family, investigated all the literature available, and experimented extensively to find the right blends and combinations to meet her changing needs.

Shantanice then came to terms with the fact that she didn’t just want to help herself. After all she had gone through, she realized she wanted to be the light for others that she could not find when she herself was in the dark.

The struggle with pain and addiction, even in recovery, is a very real one, and one Shantanice has born witness to time and again. Those lived experiences are often silenced in the face of an increased push for pharmaceutical reliance and medical intervention. Both men and women are challenged to meet the rigors of daily life and the growing emphasis on drugs and other unnatural chemicals to get us all through it. Whether sugar or coffee, alcohol or opioids, we are all encouraged to turn to some sort of crutch, a crutch that then feels impossible to detach ourselves from, that makes us sick and sicker. The goal of Dynamis Naturals is to free people from their crutches and facilitate their return to relying on their own natural abilities to heal and grow. Everyone deserves a shot at total wellness. Everyone.

Now, on the acreage of land she inherited from her mother, Shantanice has founded Dynamis Naturals, a company for people in search of natural solutions, long-term answers, and a truly healthy approach to living out happy, fulfilling lives.

At Dynamis Naturals, we believe total wellness is our birthright.