Let earth activate your full potential

We are connected inextricably to the land, the air, and the water around us. Dynamis Naturals is part of a small but growing revolutionary movement of reclamation, one that imagines us all intuitively reconnected to our bodies and what we put in them.

Let Dynamis Be Your Guide

We must be able to heal ourselves, control our own health, and live out the values we promote. Dynamis Naturals is a place for self healing. Shantanice’s job is as a teacher. A healer is merely someone who shows you what you already know. The power to heal yourself is within, but we have become so cutoff from that inner knowing that sometimes we need a reintroduction. Shantanice is that facilitator who wants to reconnect you with yourself and with your health.

As part of this movement, we can cure what ails us and even prevent future pain, merely by being more mindful and aware of what we eat and drink.